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Business Activities

Industrial Machineries & Equipment

Meeting Diverse Needs for Machinery and Equipment

Our veteran sales engineers make it their mission to provide fast, reliable, and friendly service related to equipment, machinery, appliances, and so on. We cover all phases, from planning and development of equipment and machinery to delivery and maintenance, all tailored to our customers’ unique needs.

  • Industrial Machineries
    Compressor, Blower, Heat Exchanger, Pump, Crane, Separator, Filtering Machinery,
    Transportation Equipment, Boiler, Generator, and Conveyer
  • Air Conditioning Equipment
    Air Handling Unit, Fan, Chiller, Cooling Tower, and Air Damper
  • Measurement Hardware
    Pressure Gauge, Thermometer, Momentary Flow Meter, and Calorie Meter
  • Pollution Control System
    Waste Water Treatment, Parking System, Exterior's Stone Materials,
    Construction Materials, and Kitchen System
[Shore Machinery Division]
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[Industrial Machinery Sales Team]
Tel: 81-3-6367-5452     Fax: 81-3-6367-5522
[Air Conditioning System Sales Team]
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Centrifugal Fan

Screw Decanta Centrifuge