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Taking Charge of Maintaining the Shirashima National Oil Storage Barges

Japan is one of the world’s major oil consuming countries, but it depends on imports for more than 99% of its supply, with 80% coming from the Middle East. A disruption in imports, like the first oil crisis in 1973, would have a huge impact on everyday life in Japan, not to mention industrial activities. In 1975, the Oil Reserve Law was enacted, creating an emergency oil reserve and establishing an emergency response system to ensure a stable supply of oil.

Storage of these massive oil reserves requires mammoth structures. Japan has limited space and is prone to earthquakes, making land-base oil storage facilities impractical. If oil is stored on vessels at sea, there is no need for landfill projects to create storage area. This approach resulted in the completion of the Shirashima National Oil Storage Barges in 1996.

This is Japan’s largest reserve base, with eight barges constructed on the sea 8km off Kita-kyushu City. These barges boast Japan’s can store about 5.6 million kL and have state-of-the-art safety systems to eliminate oil spills and prevent and extinguish fires.

Our company’s Storage Barge Maintenance Division has been maintaining the Shirashima National Oil Storage Barges since the project’s inception.

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