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Business Activities

Engineering Services

Supporting major projects such as construction of vessels and offshore structures is one of our key services.

MOLTech brings its experience and expertise to bear in every phase of major projects, from planning to construction supervision including inspection, process control, quality control, and other operations. Our highly regarded services cover a broad range of fields, including:
Reviewing technical drawings for Japan’s national crude oil storage barges.
Construction supervision, maintenance, and management of eight crude oil storage barges.
Consulting on inspection, repair, and maintenance of vessel cargo equipments and various vessels from tankers to cruise ships.
In 2000, the company acquired ISO9002 certification, the international standard for quality management systems, for maintenance and management of crude oil storage barges, and in 2002 acquired ISO9001, an upgrade of the 2000 certification.

Main services
  • Shirashima Oil Storage Barges
    Study of new technologies and streamlining of mid-and long-term maintenance and repair
    Supervision of maintenance and management
  • Supervision of newly built vessels, remodeled vessels, and marine structures (planning, technical drawing research, construction consulting)
  • Consulting related to vessel maintenance and management
  • Inspection of vessels to be sold/bought
  • Design and manufacture, conversion, inspection, regulation, and maintenance of vessel cargo equipment
  • Inspection, repair, and maintenance of measurement and control equipment at on-shore facilities.
[Engineering Services Dept.]
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