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New Opportunities in Non-marine Businesses

The Commodity & Property Sales Dept. offers non-marine businesses, targeting a new generation of customers, using our antenna to spot new products and exploring sales channels.

Currently, our main products include environment-friendly, energy-saving products, gardening supplies, soft X-ray irradiation equipment. And that’s just the beginning.


Commodity & Property Sales Dept. Products
Waste water purification system
This highly effective enzyme-based system saves labor and improves sanitation. It has earned an excellent reputation in many industries. We have delivered more than 600 units to food processing plants, hotels, supermarkets, and family restaurants.
Energy-saving lighting equipment
Our entire product lineup is designed to help protect the planet, minimize costs, and maximize illumination. These advanced products allow us to offer customers a solution for any lighting need.
Soft X-ray irradiation equipment
We offer irradiation equipment for agricultural quality control, academic research and study, and industrial quality management and inspection.
Gardening equipment and materials
Supporting rods for orchid plants (coated steel wire), flasks, energy-saving heat pump air conditioners for greenhouses
Aeration equipment
SANWA Aerator
This powerful aerator generates ultra-fine air bubbles, going against conventional wisdom to produce excellent effects in sewage treatment and water purification.
Oil spill cleaning agent BY.FAR Z
This environment-friendly multi cleaning agent helps oil disperse naturally.
Heat-insulating functional coating Adgreencoat
Adgreencoat is an environment-friendly, water-based coating that reduces solar radiation and heat in buildings, reducing the burden on air conditioning systems and creating a comfortable indoor environment.
Vessel documents
Signage for waste generated onboard, antipollution guidelines, record books for waste, manual of emergency oil spill prevention measures
Real estate business
Our real-estate activities contribute to a more pleasant and prosperous community.
Civil engineering materials for harbor projects
We provide top-quality materials at reasonable prices for various harbor- and port-related civil engineering projects.
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