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Ship Machinery

New Technology Center Shapes the Future of Marine Operations

As an all-around trading company for vessel machinery, our job is to spot new technologies and products and bring them to market. We offer a broad selection of products requested by customers and determine the ones that fit their needs through individual consultation. If the product a customer wants is not available, we work with our suppliers to develop it. Typical products include Scaffolding for bulker holds and for maintenance and inspection, and “Marine Tack” a hand-held air plasma cutting and D.C. manual welding device. We also supply search lights, which are critical to safety and anti-piracy efforts, compactors for plastic garbage, and the SPM (Shock Pulse Measurements) bearing monitoring device. All of our products are optimally designed to meet the special needs of heavy-duty use in a marine environment.

As a center for sales, service, and new technology, we look at various products in the trading and engineering fields, and get them into shape for service aboard the world’s merchant fleet. Our veteran engineers keep their eyes open for specialized services, products, equipment, and instruments that can meet our customer’s needs, with a focus on reliability, speed, and safety.


Hull Part
Scaffolding for bulker holds(for maintenance and inspection), Grab buckets, Tank heating systems, P/V valves for vent lines, Drinking water sterilizers, Water Ingress Alarm Systems(WIAS), High pressure fresh water cleaning system(fixed type) for tanker cargo holds, etc.
Machinery Part
Shaft horse power meter(TOTOM), Engine performance monitor(MIP2000), SPM(Machine condition monitoring), Bearing Checker, Fuel oil filtration system(HOPE System), Screw type air compressors, Cylinder oil drain iron powder check kit, etc.
Electric Part
Air plasma cutting and D.C. manual welding device(Marine Tack), Antenna system for TV and cabin radio, BS antenna system, etc.
Security and Fire Prevention
Search lights for anti-piracy measures, ITV monitoring system, etc.
Plastic garbage compactor, Food waste garbage disposer, etc.
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Scaffolding for bulker holds
(for maintenance)

Scaffolding for bulker holds
(for inspection)

Air plasma cutting and D.C. manual welding device(Marine Tack)