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Environment-friendly energy saving device

The Propeller Boss Cap Fins (PBCF) is a device for propeller efficiency improvement developed by the corporate group centered in Mitsui O. S. K. Lines, Ltd.

The PBCF feature can recover energy loss of Propeller Hub Vortex in the propeller backward flow and save fuel consumption by 5% operating at the same speed, or boost speed by 2% with the same fuel consumption.
It is also effective with vessel screw propellers regardless of the type or hull form of the vessels.
PBCF order receipt exceeded 2,500 vessels worldwide in 2013.

The PBCF has acquired patents 13 countries around the world, and won awards the Society of Naval Architects of Japan and other 2 societies.
In addition, the 5% energy saving effect has been verified by world research institutes including International Towing Tank Conferences (ITTC) and owners.

Under the current importance of the global environment problems, the demand for the PBCF has been continually growing up from not only as an energy saving device but also as an environment-friendly product.

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