MOTech|Mitsui O.S.K. Techno-Trade, Ltd.

Business Activities


Meeting diverse customer needs by drawing on decades of experience in technology and trade

MOLTech's business is mostly vessel related.

MOLTech's vast array of vessel-related supplies ranges from various types of machinery, components, materials and spare parts for the marine products.

The Propeller Boss Cap Fins (PBCF) system plays a vital role all over the world as an energy saving device for merchant vessels.

The Ship's Machinery Dept., as a trading section that offers a comprehensive selection of machinery for vessels, spots new technology and products, and develops them for commercial sales.

The Ship's Store Dept. offers various products which used aboard vessels, such as supplies and loading and unloading materials.

The Ship's Parts Dept provides supply services between shipping companies and manufacturers to quickly supply and install necessary vessel components.

The Electrical Engineering Dept. offers installation and consulting services related to new installation, repair, maintenance, and inspection of nautical instruments and telecommunication equipment, which are indispensable for safe vessel operation.

MOLTech brings together advanced technological strengths and trading know-how accumulated over the years to meet a broad range of customer needs.