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Product Information

Hull Part

Self-standing type Maintenance Staging Tower

Aassembly scaffolding for maintenance of bulk carrier cargo holds.
Self-Standing type Maintenance staging Tower has been developed for topside maintenance of a ship’s cargo hold. The Tower provides an easy solution for blasting, cleaning and painting operations of high places which Has been difficult for the years.

  • Structure design allows easy relocation.
  • Aluminum composition makers it lightweight.
  • Assembly and dis-assembly can be performed quickly.
    Assembly by3-4 People requires approximately one and half hours.
  • Maintenance work of high places can be performed safely and easily.
  • By using common parts, assembly is simplified and costs are reduced.

Hull Supported Type Inspection Scaffolding

Assembly scaffolding for inspection of bulk carrier cargo holds.
Hull Supported Type Inspection Scaffolding has been developed for safety
inspections for bulk carrier cargo holds.
The scaffolding has been designed so no additional materials are needed during future ship operations.
It can also be used during inspection of the cargo-hold s stop side.

  • Meets PMA (Permanent Means of Access) requirements.
  • Stabilization can be achieved by securing to the hull structure.
  • By assembling the ladders and footing planks, hands are Kept free so inspection work can be performed safely.
    Furthermore, maintenance works is also made easy.
  • Inspection of the areas between the topside tank (lower side-frame area) and side Frame (upper side-frame area)is possible.
  • Designed for the ships structures of Handy, PanaMax and Cape size bulk carriers.
  • By using common parts, assembly is simplified and costs are reduced.

Introducing a Portable Level Gauge for Ballast Tanks!

Use of this new liquid-level gauge makes it quick and easy to check the levels of many ballast tanks.

  • Small (35cm wide x 33cm tall x 23cm deep) and lightweight (approximately 5kg) it is easily moved.
  • A tank can be measured in about 10~15 seconds.
  • Powered by a 9V dry cell battery, so no need for an external power connection.
    (equipped with an automatic shut off to prolong battery life.)
  • Digital display.