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Electric Device

Air Plasma cutting and D.C.manual welding  MARINE TAC

Suitable for marine use,
Economical machine to perform air plasma cutting And D.C.Manual welding.

Compact and light Weight (50kgs)
Carriageable easily with 100mmφcastor.
Easy air Plasma cutting operation without skillness.
  • Maximum cutting thickness (mild steel, Stainless steel) 32mm.
  • Cutting speedy and economically by air for any kind of metals.
  • 70% duty cycle durable welding torch.
  • No oxygen or acetylene needed.
  • Cutting of the bolt for flange connection.
Soft arc and spatter-less D.C.manual welding.
  • 6mmφelectrode available (at 300Amps)
  • Stable welding current (even with 100m extension)
  • Suitable of manual welding for stainless steel, high tensile steel chrome-molybdenum steel and commercial use mild steel.
  • Power-saving economical machine.
  • 40% duty cycle powerful machine.