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Product Information


Heat Shield coating "Adgreencoat"

Adgreencoat is a heat-insulating functional coating that contributes to environmental protection.

MOLTech was selected as the first special contract agency by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for the sale of Adgreencoat.

Businesses today are more focused than ever on environment-friendly products. Adgreecoat is an environment-friendly water-based product that cuts solar radiation and heat inside a structure. This reduces the need to use air conditioning to maintain a comfortable environment.

Benefits include heat reflectivity, exhaust heat radiating, pollution reduction, weather-proofing and durability, substrate surface durability, and safety. This revolutionary coating is also highly economical, reducing maintenance expenses and labor costs.

Adgreencoat also helps protect the environment by saving energy and reducing the “heat island effect” phenomena.

It received the Silver Award at the Eco Products International Fair 2006, in Singapore.